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Compression pants Color fastness 染色牢度優

compression pants QQ/St1 and compression sportswear PP St2 Iced Coffee Yarn Series and Ba Bamboo Charcoal Pants are not easily contaminated during mixing clothes washing , but it is not recommended to mix with bleach or high temperature to ensure that natural materials harm the human body. The BA Bamboo Charcoal Series also received the MIT Product Safety Certification Mark No. 01100029-03003/Mark No.: 01100029-03004/Mark No.: 01100029-03005. PP <IT Certification Mark No.: 01100029-00001:01100029-00002:01100029-00003 and By TTRI ISO 105-C06 2017/Jant report 2017 /MayQQ/St1 / St2

壓力衣冰涼咖啡紗系列 與 壓力褲Ba竹炭褲 兩項項產品,與別的衣物混洗過程中也不會輕易汙染,但建議不要與漂白劑或高溫混洗,確保天然材料傷害人體。BA竹炭系列也獲得MIT產品安全認證標章編號01100029-03003/標章編號:01100029-03004/標章編號:01100029-03005。PP <IT 認證 標章編號:01100029-00001:01100029-00002:01100029-00003 and By TTRI ISO 105-C06 2017/Jan


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