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Company history

2009 set up Unite Creative Design Co., Ltd. and U.CR + brand. 2011 Jet Promotion Corp and Egypt Elite joint venture to set up Mythmaker D&D Inc. in Taiwan , 2013 in Shanghai set up China brand center. U.CR+  r&d project 13 items NT $ 20 million amount ,Application 16 trademarks and 4 new style patents 1 invention patent 1 IF design award. Promotion of public welfare race 25 times. Sponsor international team and international show 46 times , TV drama "You love me love you love me" 2018 corner boxing rope movie sponsor . 2018 Taiwan Excellence award . MIT Golden award .  

International fair promonation U.CR+ 46times Taipei Bike,Shianghai Bike ,Munch ISPO,Korea ISPO ,Japan Bike , sporting fair , US Maggie Soucring,Eu Bike …

Produce Concept


2 Core Value and 3 brand Characteristic

2V( core Value)  +3C (brand Characteristic)

1V. Sports Medicine and Sports Science Foundation R&D

2V. Improve athletic performance

Three major product features

1 C. body mapping Bonding fitting  

2 C. Seamless compression auto produce technology

3 C. Environmental functional friendly fabrics.

U.CR+ for compression sportswear to enhance the athletic performance ,By sports medicine / human engineering / sports science as the basis for research and development.

The use of decomposable PP polypropylene, recycled ice cafe, bamboo charcoal and environmentally friendly materials.

Technology and integration of advanced technology, comfort and to achieve automated production goals.  To avoid dyeing and energy consumption and pollution, to avoid human injury.

R&D project


U.CR+ R&D project 13 items over USD SIX HUNDRED SIXTY THOUSAND , Application 16 trademarks and 4 new style patents 1 invention patent 1 IF design award.


project results Overview: [functional comfort design experience demonstration] ,[functional transport on the human body exercise test],[copper people test],[functional pressure socks detection],[functional clothing fitness test] ,[functional clothing pressure body fat displacement] The Published weight-loss and sports performance clothing master report [functional creative design green leisure sports clothing design research and empirical]  [low drag bike clothing industry to promote green project by Taipei City ]


cooperation R&D partner:

National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology

Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center

Private Chinese Culture University (Department of Textile Engineering)

Laboratory  of Exercise physiology and Circulatory Physical Therapy, Department of Physical Therapy, Chang Gung University

Taiwan Textile Research Institute

Universitas Nationalis Donghwa Sporting Center

Dayeh University Design and Art college & Department of Sport and Health Management college

2017New collection Wind Drag bike wear


By National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology and Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center for U.CR+ report ,  Low-wind drag 520 km distance( Taiwan best north and south tower ),for 24 hrs race time . speed 36km /hr,will  reduce the 51g / f  per second, Racer will 10.46 minutes arrive in advance. If the speed of 10km / hr speed forward, reduced by 4 g / f wind second, will arrive 30.87 minutes ahead of time.


  U.CR+ sportswear , arrhythmia, sympathetic, parasympathetic, temperature, humidity, a improved sportsman  .

    The use of friendly decomposition of  PP polypropylene and Ice café marble and coffee yarn recycling materials meet the world's environmental issues.


        Body Graph 3D (body mapping)  design, the human bones and meridians and skin texture organization, made into one time finish seamless , so that each section with the body convex curved surface, the formation of close fit when the textile face way . without cutting and sewing , it’s by art and special style of characterization, semi-automatic mechanical process to reduce 80% of manpower.

Product certification

pre-market TTRI Textile Industry Research Institute, the international inspection standards ISO 1833-1 / ISO105-C06, test report TC601430-B and C two, TC601431-B and C two copies of the four test standards for material analysis and dyeing Thermal Environmental Certification (February 2006). Stress Effect TTRI FSCT TF506825 Test MST Report (September 2005).

Quality management outside the audit by the SGS to AQL 2.5 inspection No. SD14013.1 check the sewing goods inspection (2017 February) above the internal regulations are in accordance with the international textile export inspection standards, the shipment before delivery inspection report released Sales.


materials to adopt ice café  Singtex T13120097 (AS / NZ4399 method), anti-UV 50 +, Singtex No T13120098 method fast drying moisture: ASTMD5742 Singtex No. T1312006 deodorant, are the original re-certification approval.

    TTRI 2014 March TP302425 Copper man quick-drying test (TORSO method) to get the pressure clothing temperature and humidity regulation of excellent grades, TTRI pressure socks 2012TP110092 IRB pressure socks comfort certification (Tekscan), pressure socks environmental protection / anti-UV / dyeing certification TTRI TCII TP-11093-A Pressure Socks Human Body Temperature and Humidity Test Report 2012 . TERI TP-11093-A Pressure Socks Human Temperature and Humidity Test Report 2012.



TQM / UXD (Total Quality Management / User eXperience Design) to customer experience and staff participation-oriented business

Based on full participation, with the aim of achieving long-term successful management through customer satisfaction and the benefit of all members of the

Social corporate responsibility

,Promotion of public welfare race 25 times. Sponsor international bike team (France Marseille / Spain ECZ ) and School sports team ,Carrefour, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store, sporting store .AI wear teach Maker house .

Activities part of the income endowment Foundation:

2017January Huashan Social Welfare Foundation Run with love for Even / New year dish marathon ,

2016June  Chou,Ta kuan Foundation, Cancer Children's Hospital to build road running marathon

2016 December FRORMOSA Cancer Foundation . Be care cancer marathon

2016/2017 Genesis Social Welfare Foundation  For vegetative state  for building  Nursing home marathon

2016 June/Dec Roc service heart (Chinese Body and Mind Sports and Leisure Service Association ) Kids run bike race .

2013~2017  Taiwan An Gan of blind marathon ten times and blind tandem,bike tour de Taiwan 2 times

2015/2016  Dragon Boat / Taoyuan City Team ,Fu Jen Catholic University

2015 Youth high school team( Taichung ) / basketball , ping pong team   

2014-2017 EMBA Gobi Desert marathon , National Chengchi University (NCCU) ,National Sun Yat-sen University ,National Chung Hsing University (NCHU),National Cheng Kung University,(NCKU)



台灣精品 VEO-IV DM 初稿_171006_0003
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ST2_Wind tunnel testing (2)-01
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