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Diabetes support shoes of socks

Diabetes support shoes of socks

Patients with diabetes mellitus were treated with cosmetic pruning or amputation to prevent severe necrotic muscle infections in the body during late stages of hind leg arterial occlusion.

Normal socks must have a strong shrink force in order to avoid falling off, this product adopts high tension-free tight weaving so that the socks will fit off the lower leg without falling off, and will not hinder blood circulation. In addition to the smooth distribution of the soles of the PU rubber , the deep soles of the feet can be stimulated to help blood circulation.

The tight design of the Velcro socks shoes enables the wearer and comfortable.

Diabetic socks known as compression and mouth to promote blood circulation, but after mid-term patients should ease, rather than pressure caused by tightening and reduce blood, this product is suitable for patients to varying degrees apply this product, bamboo anthrax There is a natural, permanent and effective function of cooling antibacterial.

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