Compression Sportswear/ Compression pants technology 壓力運動服知識

U.CR+ tight-fitting compression sportswear / compression pants to avoid casual activities due to improper wearing of pants, resulting in increased risk of injury caused by improper posture, resulting in physical discomfort and physical fatigue, U.CR+ tight-fitting compression sportswear / compression pants U.CR+ tight-fitting compression sportswear / compression pants and to reduce the wearing of elastic bandages or protective gear, etc. Protecting the device, causing inconvenience in life; therefore, in order to avoid the trouble of sports injuries suffered by modern people, reduce the discomfort caused by muscles during activities, and increase the convenience and comfort of wearing, add on the inner side of the pants. With a texture-assisted pressure-protecting fabric and a woven method, it is different from the multi-layer fabrics on the market.U.CR+ tight-fitting compression sportswear / compression pants It was first created to provide a lower-section partial-pressure pants. It was completed by the Department of Rehabilitation of Chang Gung University, the Textile Department of the Culture University, the Textile Research Center, the Institute of Chemistry of the Zhongshan Institute of Science, the Bicycle Center, and the Sports Center of Donghua University.[New content]In order to achieve the above-mentioned creative purpose, the present invention provides a lower-limb partial-section pressure pants which is sewn to a fabric-assisted pressure-protective clothing on the inner side of the pants, and the pressure-protective clothing is bound by a plurality of binding bands, U.CR+ tight-fitting compression sportswear / compression pants by binding With the traction of the muscles to achieve the protective effect, reduce the discomfort caused by the movement of the legs, and fold back two layers at the bottom of the pressure protection fabric to strengthen the degree of tightening. Patent Model 1 M456100 Lower limb part of the paragraph pressure pants 2 M437625 Upper limbs proximal movement protection clothing 3 M412627 Texture-assisted sports protection clothing structure 4 M398341 Lower limbs sports protection pants

U.CR+壓力衣與壓力褲 ,緊身壓力運動衣為了避免進行休閒活動因穿著不合適的褲子,而導致姿勢不當所產生傷害的機會增加,造成身體的不適以及身體的疲累感,U.CR+壓力衣與壓力褲且為減少穿著彈性繃帶或護具等保護裝置,造成生活上不便利性;緣此,為能避免現代人所受運動傷害的困擾,減輕活動時肌肉所造成的不適,U.CR+壓力衣與壓力褲並增加穿著上的便利性及舒適性,於褲子之內側加設一肌理輔助型壓力保護衣料,並由一次織成的製法,有別於市面上多層次布料的製法,遂得以首先創作出本創作提供一種下肢部分段式壓力褲。U.CR+壓力衣與壓力褲由長庚大學復健系,文化大學紡織系,紡研中心,中山科學研究院化學所,自行車中心,東華大學體育中心等協力指導完成。


U.CR+壓力衣與壓力褲為了達到上述創作目的,本創作提供一種下肢部分段式壓力褲,其係於褲子之內側縫製一肌理輔助型壓力保護衣料,該壓力保護衣料由複數個束縛帶所構成之束縛區,U.CR+壓力衣與壓力褲藉由束縛帶緊縛肌肉之牽引力以達到保護效果,降低腿部活動所造成的不適感,並於壓力保護衣料底部反摺兩層,以加強其緊縮程度。專利型號1 M456100下肢部分段式壓力褲2 M437625上肢近端運動保護衣3 M412627肌理輔助型運動保護服裝結構4 M398341下肢運動保護褲

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