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U.CR+ Indian Madrid May / 17~19 2019 of Taiwan Excellence fair

U.CR+ 運動壓力衣,過數年努力也把印度的體育用品市場慢慢開拓下來。感謝台灣精品貿協的推薦與推廣,近期經銷商也致力完成U.CR+印度官網,期待印度市場能發揚光大。5/17-19 印度新德里國際會議展覽中心,歡迎印度的朋友參觀洽談


U.CR+ compression sportswear in Indian sports market has been developed. Thanks to the recommendation and promotion of U.CR+ Taiwan trade association push U.CR + India website, Taiwan Excellence show 5 / 17~19 Madrid India welcome visit . show info


The introduction of Taiwan Excellence Award

There are three categories in the "Taiwan Excellence Awards": The Taiwan Excellence Gold Award ("Gold Award"), the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award ("Silver Award") and Taiwan Excellence Award." The Gold and Silver awards are selected from among "Taiwan Excellence Award" winners and are based on five key indicators: R&D, Design, Quality, Marketing, and Made in Taiwan. The five indicators are of equal importance, and each is judged on its "Innovation Value," the most important standard of all. Products that receive the "Taiwan Excellence Award" are authorized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to use the "Taiwan Excellence" mark. The "Taiwan Excellence Mark" is made up of six interwoven curves, and the overall design is inspired by the spirit of "fulfillment" in traditional Taiwanese culture. The Taiwan Excellence Gold/Silver Awards may use the Gold/Silver Taiwan Excellence marks for promotional purposes and may also receive one gold/silver trophy.

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