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Forward pressure 10~14mmHg Effect 漸進式壓力襪有效

U.CR+ 壓力襪有效降低對腿部不舒服者有效,雖然近期電視購物也在強打壓力襪,若扣除抽成與物流成本,業者回收約Nt40雙內。但U.CR+的購紗成本為符合漸進式壓力,光原料成本可能達4倍以上,但至於效果如何,就有待消費者自己體驗。

但若一般消費性產品耗材(內衣褲襪子類都是消耗性紡織品),電視購物單價倒是也讓我很心動。 1994歐盟 CEP 學會對CVI患者 對醫療及壓力襪制定出10~14mmHg壓力值漸進式壓力襪有效果。台灣於2014年也完成100位臨床案例,藉由改善CVI有顯著效果,並建議台灣人的相關尺寸,大約是歐美規格的較小12~19%。

由輔大理工學院發表於國際期刊期刊網址,期刊名稱,(Design, Manufacture, Mechanical Testing and Clinical/Mri Assessment of the Medical Elastic Compression Stockings, Base on Taiwanese’s Leg Size) Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) n the lower limb is commonly associated with varicose veins. In Asian countries, demand has increased for Medical Elastic Compression Stockings (MECS) as conservative treatment for varicose veins and CVI. In 1994, an international committee of the American Venous Forum developed the Clinical Etiology Anatomy Pathophysiology (CEAP) classification for Chronic Venous Disorders (CVD), which countries have adopted worldwide.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN), therefore, recommended classes for compression stockings, with compression at the ankle ranging from 10 mmHg to 14 mmHg (mild) to 49 mmHg (very strong) .

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