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Compression Sportswear of Textile Influence Exercise   紡織品對運動壓力衣影響運動表現

Compression Sportswear of Textile Influence Exercise


Speaker :Chiang Chi Yao Advisor: Dr. Wang, Jong-Shyan

Dec 06 2018 13:10

School of Physical Therapy ,Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy, College of Medicine Chang Gung University , Tao-Yuan ,Taiwan


Compression sportswear has become a popular exercise life item when the dress is the comfort, , or the physiological will be effect the exercise , appears to be irrelevant. What is kind of compression sportswear (style ex.sleeve/ pants/ leg warmer) effect exercise? When dress it (during exercise or recovery) primarily for athletes? It’s so many studies no effect.

•In terms of delayed-onset muscle soreness, DOMS experienced after running 40 min (Ali et al., 2010) or 10 km (Ali et al., 2011) were unchanged by compression garments applying 15to 32 mmHg at the ankle in5 studies, but reduced with 25.4 mmHg in another stud (Ali et al., 2007). An endurance trial was performed in all these studies. •Conversely, performance was significantly improved by compression garments applying 24 mmHg at the ankle in one study(Kemmler et al., 2009). •(jumps, 40-m repeated sprint, isokinetic power, 3-km run, or cycling, performed during recovery) was improved by the use of compression tights applying 9.3 to 20.5 mmHg at calf level in 6 studies (Chatard et al., 2004/ de Glanville and Hamlin, 2012/ Driller and Halson, 2013/ Hamlin et al., 2012/Jakeman et al., 2010/ Menetrier et al., 2012).

The current body of research identifies that compression sportswear may improve joint awareness, local blood flow, waste product removal, improve running economy, reduce swelling, reduce muscle oscillations( DOMS), and decrease post-exercise muscle soreness whilst appearing to have no negative impact on performance. The literature related to sports compression sportswear has been published in many aspects of the improvement of physical exercise performance in the field of sports science, But the textile and yarn science for compression sportswear effect of relationship lack discussion, Due to the selection of textile for compression sportswear. Design theory affecting the performance of the body, resulting in the improvement of the effect when exercise.


  1. Summary

  2. Introduction: Review of the literature and U.CR+ compression sportswear R&D report

  3. What are Compression sportswear ?(6 W)

  4. Do the compression sportswear improve exercise ?

  5. Conclusion : Compression sportswear of textile function will influence exercise .

  6. Future Research : Compression sportswear influence exercise cause .(Textile influence Physiological /Brian wave/Compression power)

  1. References

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