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Compression Pants/ Compression sportswear support Sport effect提升運動效率

Recover body

U.CR+ compression sportswear and compression pants , in the recovery period, the control group test, the physical fitness effect is better than the control group. Therefore,U.CR+ compression sportswear and compression pants after the exercise, you must wear the compression pants, so that the body function is good, and still quickly restore the athlete's effectiveness.The U.CR+ compression sportswear is stable during high-intensity exercise, U.CR+ compression sportswear and compression pants regulates the activity of the body system, and has the advantages of non-invasive,U.CR+ compression sportswear and compression pants simple, and enhanced athletes. More effective to promote control, so that the human body in the high-intensity exercise to get the best performance. (101 Director of the Department of Rehabilitation, Chang Gung University / Director of Textile Department, Culture University)U.CR+壓力衣及壓力褲,在恢復期時,對照組測試,運動體能效果優於控制組。所以運動完後一定得把壓力衣褲穿上,讓身體機能循環效果好,依然迅速恢復運動員的效能。

U.CR+壓力衣與壓力褲在高強度運動期間,表現穩定,調節身體系統活動狀況,且具有非侵 體性、簡單、強化運動員的優點,是目前認為評估 。更有效促進控制,使人體在高強運動中得到最佳表現。 (101年度 長庚大學復健系王主任/文化大學紡織系李主任)

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