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Compression pants/ compression sportswear for Body fit /sculpting壓力衣對體態變化有顯著效果

U.CR+ compression sportswear development program with body fat sculpture function CITD Ministry of Economics M10000121-657 Culture Textile / Chang Gung Medical Department / Da Ye University / Functional Pressure Clothing can significantly reduce body fat, no significant effect to overturn the general function clothing advertising illusion .具有體脂雕塑機能的運動服開發計畫 CITD經濟部M10000121-657文化紡織/長庚醫學系/大葉大學/機能壓力衣對體脂能得到顯著的降低效果,無顯著效果論證推翻一般機能服廣告假象。

Compression wear for Body fit

U.CR+ compression sportswear and compression pants is good effect on the body posture (Da Ye University) / the effect on the recovery of human body movement, the compression sportswear has a significant effect (Chang Geng University rehabilitation system, compression sportswear and compression pants with sports medicine detection method, the compression sportswear has a significant effect on comfort, and can provide exercise efficacy.compression sportswear and compression pants Big leaf master's thesis publication / creative design Green casual sports sportswear design research and empirical 100 years published in January: Abstract: This study focuses on the design research and demonstration of functional sportswear. compression sportswear and compression pants The raw materials are made of green and environmentally friendly, and a series of related products are designed for the protection of sports functions. compression sportswear and compression pants It also protects the seamless tops and trousers as a green leisure bicycle sportswear production test in the body fat displacement test, before and after wearing and long-term and short-term wear, body size and product induction related analysis.This study is based on the students of the school, with a total of 40 days and 49 days of long-term and short-term tracking (20 long-term wear all day long). The short-term wear of this study has achieved significant effects on waist circumference, hip circumference, leg circumference and knee circumference. compression sportswear and compression pants For the protection and comfort of the tops and trousers, the products can get good results.Director Li of the Textile Department of the Culture University and Professor Guo of the Chinese Medical College, using the TCM meridian theory as the comfort judgment method, provided relevant evidence for the U.CR+ pressure garment to improve the exercise performance and comfort.​

壓力衣及壓力褲 對於體態有良好顯著效果(大葉大學)/對人體運動恢復效果,壓力衣/壓力褲有顯著效果(長庚大學復健系,以運動醫學檢測法,壓力衣對舒適感有顯著效果,並可以提供運動效能。

大葉碩士論文發表/創意設計綠色休閒機能運動服裝的設計研究與實證100年1月發表:摘要:本研究主旨在機能運動服裝的設計研究與實證。原料製成採用綠色環保製成,針對運動機能的防護設計一系列的相關產品。壓力褲並將機能防護無縫上衣及褲子,做為綠色休閒自行車運動服產論證在體脂位移進行測試,壓力褲穿著前後與長期及短期穿著,人體尺寸及產品感應相關分析。 本研究以本校學生為研究對象,長短期追蹤共40位49天(20位長期整天穿著)。本研究長短期穿著對腰圍、臀圍、腿圍、膝圍尺寸都有達到顯著效果。對於上衣及褲子的保護及舒適感,產品都能得到良好的感應結果。


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