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U.CR+ Kiris Functional Compression Socks Trou Compression Sock Marathon  Road Run Mountaineering  

Average release pressure of the sole (Test report No.TC110090 )

When you are running or stepping on a bicycle,  reduce the pressure on the ground the pedal by 13~18% (static dynamics).


Even when rest still, it can reduce the pressure of 5% of the surface.

21K marathon is the pedal pressure of 17.8K remaining (15% dynamic decompression)


Action Analysis (Test report No.TC110092 )Motion analysisBecause the U.CR+ compression stockings analyze the motion posture continuously, the dynamic steps of the foot are analyzed one by one, and the movements of each millisecond when lifting and landing are studied and disassembled, and the pressure values ​​of muscles and bones are considered every millisecond. After the precise calculation, the production is listed.


Protective socks ( Test report No.TC110092 )Wearing U.CR+ specific compression socks to reduce pressure measurement, let you know that after wearing compression socks, it can reduce the contact area of ​​the soles and reduce the pressure.The contact area is reduced, which can reduce the coefficient of wear of the sole.Under dynamic conditions, it can be clearly seen that the pressure area, that is, the contact skin area, will be smaller, and it is less likely to cause foot injury and abrasion than other brand compression  socks.


Stereo multiple facet reorganization ( video file youtube)

The musculoskeletal line is matched with the movement posture. After the analysis of the movement torque direction, the functional compression socks are reorganized by different pressure densities, and the perfect protective functional compression socks are fabricated.


Honeycomb: Breathable.

Herringbone: The texture is segmented.

The nails around the soles of the feet are tightly tied to fix the muscles of the soles.

The two-dimensional arrow on the sole of the foot moves the tension to spread the sole of the foot. The bottom plate has three-dimensional air conduction and is not compacted, and it is easy to breathe and permeate the sole.


Keep the temperature and humidity dry ( Test report TTRI No.TP0093 )

helping exercise intensity, U.CR+ compression  socks