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The musculoskeletal line is matched with the movement posture. After the analysis of the movement torque direction, the functional compression socks are reorganized by different pressure densities, and the perfect protective functional compression socks are fabricated.

Honeycomb: Breathable.

Herringbone: The texture is segmented.

The nails around the soles of the feet are tightly tied to fix the muscles of the soles.

The two-dimensional arrow on the sole of the foot moves the tension to spread the sole of the foot. The bottom plate has three-dimensional air conduction and is not compacted, and it is easy to breathe and permeate the sole.


Keep the temperature and humidity dry ( Test report TTRI No.TP0093 )

helping exercise intensity, U.CR+ compression  socks  tested for humidity (the speed at which the pressure socks are worn on the feet) after 10 minutes of exercise. The speed of dryness after exercise is 5% to 9%.

The warmth of sweat is only 4~7%, and the sweat is 13~19% in high strength exercise.
The overall movement process increases the humidity by 17 to 26% under extremely humid conditions. U.CR+ still starts to dry up in 10 minutes, not sultry.(Culture Department Textile Department Comfort Certification) Under the record of the far red line thermal instrument, the U.CR+ pressure stockings maintain good temperature and are not stuffy.Excellent color fastness (Test report TTRI No.Tc11094 )Generally, the socks on the market are cleaned separately from the clothes due to poor dyeing fastness, and the color fastness of the product is excellent.Under 30 minutes of dynamics, the 2T contact pressure is reduced on both feet (Test report No.TC110092 )Compared with the wearing of the compression stockings, the feet can reduce the 2T contact pressure and the one foot can reduce the 1T pressure.Different left and right foot designsCan support the pressure of different parts of the archOne foot can reduce 18mmHg with 1kg/cm2=736mm Hg with 75kg 170CM 20 seconds dynamicIf you high exercise for 30 minutes, drop 54mmHg* 30 minutes per minute, reduce the pressure weight by 1620mmHG feet 3240mmHG, about 4.4kg/cm2, if you use 40 shoes, the area is about 12*40cm=480cm2Anti-UV50+ anti-UVA / UVB excellent ( Test report TTRI No.Tc11094 )Absolute sun protection, absolutely UVWashable is not easy break, and not fall offThe high-strength elastic fiber is used to re-enclose the elastic yarn material (the general elastic yarn is directly exposed to the bare yarn), and it is not easy to embrittle and lose the elastic force after being washed and dried by the washing machine. Lycra Soft is not particularly bite-marked at the sock, and the long-term wear and tear of the socks is not easy to fall off.Gobi Road Run (Go 9/10 Zhongxing / Zhengda) / Mazu around the world (2017 Baisha, Dajia Ma, Nan Yao Palace Volunteer Group) / Marathon U.CR+ for love running Kaohsiung and Taipei Field, A-Gump Cup 5~ It has been adopted in the 8th session.

U.CR+ 壓力襪 - 短襪(黑色)(健行、路跑、馬拉松、單車、三鐵、球類等運動適用) 

U.CR+ 基里斯機能壓力襪 Chiless compression sock #馬拉松 #繞境 # 戈壁路跑 #登山 


#腳底平均釋放壓力(Test report No.TC110090)



#動作分析(Test report No.TC110092)


#防護襪(Test report No.TC110092)

   穿U.CR+ 特定壓力襪降低壓力測量外,讓你知道,穿壓力襪後,能降低腳底接觸面積,且壓力降低。接觸面積降低,能減低腳底磨差係數。動態下能清楚看到壓力面積即接觸皮膚面積會更小,跟其他品牌壓力襪比起來較不容易起腳底傷害磨傷。


#立體多重切面重組 ( video file youtube) 

將肌肉骨骼線條配合運動姿勢,在運動扭力走向分析後,利用不同壓力密度,將機能襪重組,編造完美防護機能壓力襪。蜂巢狀組織:透氣。人字收束:織紋進行分段壓力。 四周腳底護網人字緊束,固定腳底肌肉。腳底二維箭頭走向使張力分散腳底。底板凹凸立體導流透氣不壓實,易於腳底透氣排汗。



(Test report TTRI No.TP0093)U.CR+ 壓力襪除幫助運動強度外,在運動休息10分鐘後,測試濕度(壓力襪穿在腳的快乾速度),運動後乾的速度5%~9%。暖身操汗水濕度只多4~7%,大量運動中汗水13~19%濕度。整體運動過程所增加濕度17~26%極為潮溼狀況下。U.CR+在10分鐘內還是開始乾爽起來,不悶熱。

(文化紡織舒適感認證)在遠紅線熱感儀器記錄下,U.CR+壓力襪溫度保持效果佳, 不悶熱。



#色牢度優良 (Test report TTRI No.Tc11094)