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U.CR+ ST2-PP compression sportswear short sleeve 

Compression sportswear PP Polypropylene St2 U.CR +

Benefits of Compression
Increases Endurance/Speeds Up Recovery/Decreases Muscle Fatigue

In the recovery phase the U.CR+ ST2 was significantly better than the others (10%).

No Odor Retention
Chemically Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
Quick Dry

Experimental data indicates differences in heat dispersion between U.CR+ and regular cotton sportswear. 
Even though the pre-exercise temperatures are relatively the same, the post-exercise temperature for cotton sportswear indicated a lower surface temperature because it has trapped heat inside, preventing it from dispersing. 
This is the reason why cotton sportswear shows a darker reading on infrared images. 
Lower heat dispersing  means lower surface temperature because the heat is being trapped inside the sportswear and thus cannot be picked up by the infrared camera.



Orange / Navy / Gray / Black / White



68% Polypropylene 
20% Nylon 
12% Spandex 

U.CR+ ST2-PP-short sleeve - 機能性超輕量無縫短袖壓力衣

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