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Air convection special weaving U.CR + decompression sports turban (wide version), non-flat fabric is applied to the entire skin, using our company's patented concave and convex tofu tissue surface. This design is extensible, which facilitates movement, shaking and contraction, and the closed part is easy to put on and take off.




空氣對流特殊織法U.CR+ 壓力舒緩運動頭巾(寬版),非一般平面織物整個伏貼肌膚,採用本公司申請專利凹凸豆腐組織面,凹下部份加壓,凸出部份保持空氣對流,此設計有延展性利於運動晃動緊縮與閉合部易脫落,也有別於一般頭巾穿戴後會脫落滑動。 


【U.CR+ Compression】SCAP PP頭巾 九種顏色 透氣舒適 騎車跑步皆可適用

  • 65%  ICE CAFÉ ( Nylon )

    23% Polyester

    12% Spandex 

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