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Medical Support (Diabetes) Foot's Socks_

Medical Support (Diabetes) Foot's Socks




Long March, travel, sports, the elderly 

Breathable Odor Anti-bacterial   Comfort 

Antimicrobial polyamide stretch yarn (silver added) thick insole materials to build high-frequency binding towels projecting end of the design, the protective slip resistant sole

*Comfortable and functional protection*
● White bamboo charcoal
4 Function
Non-slip soles to protect 
1.  Bamboo charcoal cool
2.  Non-slip raised rubber pad   
3.  Thick towel sole
4.  Process breathable deodorant
4 Function
Very dry and not humid 
1.  Extremely relaxed without bite marks
2.  Simple and easy to wear off
3.  Slow down the stampede pressure
4.  No compression urgency

White bamboo charcoal is detect and has antibacterial effects in patients with any bleeding. The sock design uses a tension-free weave method that does not impede blood circulation. PU rubber blocks can also be slippery to stimulate acupuncture points to increase blood circulation, magic sticky deduction ring woven design, easy to off the arch fixed to prevent shedding, indoor protective socks

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