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UMORFILR® Technology
“Bring comfort textile to a new level.”
UMORFILR® is a new technologyfor amino acid bionic fiber. Its name originates from the combination of Latin"Umor"and French"Fil". Umor means moisture and fil means yarn. UMORFILR® proprietary technology is a supramolecular tech to integrate ocean peptide amino acid with textile materials like cellulose fiber or filament ingredients, create the bionic functional fiber series which provide the comfortable hand feeling and skinfriendly texture. UMORFILR® makes you feel more!

N6U™ is a new type of nylon, which created by combining peptide amino acid with regular nylon and became the bionic nylon. N6U™ has the same physical properties of nylon, but has better hand-feeling and excellent color fastness.


Bionic Nylon

N6U™ is the bionic nylon which created by combining peptide amino acid with regular nylon via supramolecular technology but not by coating, so it is washable.


The peptide amino acid obtains from recycled material, it can reduce environmental pollution.


N6U™ is very skin-friendly and had passed the testing of sensitive and irritation skin testing. so it is applicable of baby and people who has sensitive skin problem.

Excellent Color Fastness

The color fastness of N6U™ is much better than regular nylon.

Deep Dyeable

N6U™ has more amino group on the surface and became the deep dyeable nylon.


It can break down ammonia and acetic acid odor ( not by auxiliary).

Better Moisture Regain

The moisture regain is 4.8%~6.5%, higher than the regular nylon 6 and nylon 66.

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