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U.CR + SCAI turban cover (wide turban cover).

Using seamless one-piece weaving process

11 colors (black / red‧green / grey‧green / grey‧white / gray

This style has a wide design, which can be used to keep your neck warm in autumn and winter.
Can be fixed as a sports hairband (sweat band)

◎ 86% ICE CAFÉ (Nylon) cool yarn ◎ 12% Spandex elastic yarn § 2% Polyester polyester fiber

Light and breathable, not stuffy. Zh

Anti-UV and antibacterial deodorant. Zh

U.CR + pressure relief sports turban (wide version), using a thin wide version, has a mechanism to suppress the pressure on the sensitive parts of the head to achieve relaxation, like bringing a masseur to help you soothe along the way to make you feel more relaxed when running. The thin sports turban also retains a breathable mesh for optimal air convection and heat dissipation.

The seamless special weave is different from the flat fabrics that fit dry and comfortable.

Patented 3D tissue surface is evenly pressurized and breathable to increase comfort. Zh

It can be used with the small cap inside the bicycle helmet for easy storage.
The colorful cool positive energy headscarf enjoys and enjoys sports with you.

【Be applicable】

Cycling, Jogging, Three Rails, Leisure Activities, Yoga, etc.


U.CR+   SCAI 冰涼頭巾套(寬版頭巾套款) 。




11種顏色     (黑色/紅‧綠色/灰 ‧丈青/灰 ‧白色/灰 ‧紅色/白‧粉紅/白‧紫色/白‧天空藍/白‧橘/白‧黃/紅‧灰/黑)





◎ 86% ICE CAFÉ  ( Nylon ) 涼爽紗◎12% Spandex 彈性紗§ 2% Polyester 聚酯纖維







U.CR+ 壓力舒緩運動頭巾(寬版),採用薄型寬版,有抑制加壓頭部敏感部位達到放鬆機制,有如帶著按摩師幫沿途你舒緩讓你跑步時有較輕鬆的舒緩感。細版運動頭巾還有保留透氣網孔,使空氣對流及散熱效果達到最佳舒適感。













【U.CR+ Compression】 SCAIHeadscraf - Ice Café

Headscraf - Ice Café
  • 86% ICE CAFÉ ( Nylon ) 涼爽紗

    2%   Polyester 聚酯纖維

    12% Spandex 彈性紗

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