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 supplement socks, white bamboo  charcoal cool max rayon not easy to keep dry, without compression  to relax without bite,breathy design technology , sock fit and take easy,  bottom heavy for slow down the effect of  pressure, suitable for patients or feet easy to sweat user .


The Craze for Mazu in March, Taiwan in the central and southern regions for the century history Mazu around the activities of Mazu Pilgrimage, believers are uphold the traditional way of worship and blessing to participate in the way. Professor Dr. Cheng Zhong Lee( Macro Lee)  Da-Yeh University : carry Mauz wandering about one million people join Dajiamazu Baishatun Mazu about 9 thousands people , Mazu Changhua about 150 thousands people join it .

The development of this social type was getting more strong , the scale is also an annual expansion, Cary Mazu activities of the local cultural and sports service industry is an important indicator.

Graduate student Miss Xiao for medical care workers (Xiao is nurses , this team name for care worker ), for Mazu group volunteer . She think due to wear and tear of the foot of the sports injury protection treatment ever day Baishatun Mazu is a non-fixed trip, Rhythm by the rush running and move quickly , Dajiamazu for on schedule and speed way .  Project of the two compression socks should be different focus of the design, for different ways to strengthen the protection.


U.CR + compression socks for general sports ,marathon and bike professional sportswear design .  from 2015~2017 to provide Gobi running socks service , by this race for inspection and improvement of the industry certainly.

2017  of believers for Mazu for the March weather around the movement of the way forward,  leading research, and the development of the most suitable for best socks. This time to provide U.CR + variety of  socks to the volunteers to assess the use of free,  bottom of the towel is more applicable, but the pressure protection point can be more to improve.


Graduate student and nursing  Miss Xiao saying : now socks supplier advertising so great function for this race , but is not refined into the blister focus disappointed each year . Hope believers have a good sports posture and excellent sports socks in further , reduce the blister movement injury, so that all the participation of the believers do not suffer from the bitter, and have a perfect  journey.

Look forward to the experience of Mazu Worship blessing can get the body and mind completely blessing. Related sock product information


(BAMBOO RAYON YARN)護足輔助襪,#糖尿 #透氣 #厚底 #無痕襪 #無束口#雞眼#水泡#媽祖繞境#馬拉松襪#運動襪#路跑襪


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新聞連結 News CNN 中央社

壓力襪知識 Compress technology  sock 

(中央社訊息服務20170310 13:41:04)三月瘋媽祖The Craze for Mazu in March,台灣在中南部地區為百年歷史媽祖遶境活動 Mazu Pilgrimage ,信眾都秉持傳統行憎繞境祈福方式參與。大葉大學李城忠教授指出, 大甲媽祖遶境約100萬人參加,白沙屯媽祖繞境約9萬人,彰化南瑤宮媽祖繞境約15萬人,此社會型態的發展至今越來越強大,規模也逐年擴增,媽祖繞境活動已經是當地地方文化產業與運動服務產業的一個重要指標。

研究生蕭小姐為醫護護理人員,媽祖繞境醫療團體志工之一,對信眾每天因磨損腳掌傷害的防護診療,提出相當的見解: 蕭小姐認為白沙屯媽祖為非固定的行程,且白沙屯媽祖隨興起駕的繞境模式與節奏大都是以小跑步急促奔走,而大甲媽是固定的行進速度與休息節奏。所以兩種壓力襪的防護重點應該有所不同設計重點,針對不同行進方式而去加強防護。


U.CR+ 壓力襪除一般運動馬拉松,腳踏車專業運動服設計外,也連續三年提供戈壁路跑壓力襪服務,歷經各項檢驗與改進獲得業界肯定。今年受信徒請託發願將為媽祖廣大信徒為三月的氣候及媽祖遶進運動行進方式,提出更專業的前導研究,並研發最適合媽祖信徒所用防護襪。此次以提供U.CR+多款壓力襪給志工團免費評估使用,認為毛巾底的較為適用,但壓力防護點能再多加改善。




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