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Compression arm  PP 聚丙烯U.CR+ 人體流汗軀幹(TORSO)熱濕舒適性評估報告84.6%水會蒸發 , 12分鐘內蒸發完,暖身時還體溫可降溫1.6度。一般快乾衣服是在布面蒸發大部份。因為U.CR+就是主張將汗水快速導出來,不會粘在皮膚慢慢蒸發。 以下是實驗過程ST2 PP 流汗軀幹表面溫度(即膚溫)和重量變化都持續被記錄下來。此測試的三階段分為適應期、運動期和恢復期。流汗軀幹具有54個獨立控制的精密水閥,加熱的方式係使用電熱箔板,整個圓柱體分佈了13個溫度感測器以量測並控制溫度熱阻抗值Rct(圖1)在第一階段(暖身) 流汗軀幹表面溫度維持35°C溫度差異/TST溫度變化曲線(圖2&3)在第二階段流汗後溫度(中強度)結果,T10升溫為0.55℃而T60降溫為-1.67℃。因通風散熱導汗佳。大量流汗反而有涼感。第三階段出現的運動後寒顫(post-exercise chill)。此樣品的乾燥時間在第三階段約為12分鐘。(長庚復健所測約人體約10分鐘開始乾燥)水分蒸發/滯留分布比較(圖5)St2 PP 壓力衣是理想的速乾紡織品。此單層樣品在第二階段終了時可蒸發約84.6%的流汗量。且在12分後就乾。(U.CR+ 102年紡研科專計畫)Sports pressure clothing compression sportswear PP Polypropylene U.CR + Human body sweat torso (TORSO) Thermal and wet comfort assessment report84.6% water will evaporate, evaporate within 12 minutes, warm body temperature can also cool down 1.6 degrees.General quick drying clothes are mostly in the cloth to evaporate. Because U.CR + is the idea of ​​sweating quickly derived, will not stick in the skin slowly evaporate. The following is the experimental process  PP sweat body surface temperature (ie skin temperature) and weight changes are continuously recorded. The three stages of this test are divided into adaptation, exercise and recovery.The sweat trunk has 54 individually controlled precision water valves, which are heated using a hot foil plate. The entire cylinder is distributed with 13 temperature sensors to measure and control the temperatureThermal resistance value Rct (Figure 1)In the first stage (warm-up) sweat the trunk surface temperature is maintained at 35 ° CTemperature difference / TST temperature change curve (Figure 2 & 3)In the second stage after sweating the temperature (medium strength) results, T10 temperature rise of 0.55 ℃ and T60 cooling to -1.67 ℃. Due to ventilation and heat conduction. A lot of sweating but a sense of coolness.The third stage of post-exercise chills. The drying time of this sample is about 12 minutes in the third stage. (Chang Geng rehabilitation of the body measured about 10 minutes to start drying)Comparison of water vaporization / retention profiles (Figure 5)St2 PP pressure clothing is ideal for quick-drying textiles. This monolayer sample evaporates about 84.6% of the sweat volume at the end of the second stage. And after 12 minutes dry. (U.CR + 102 years of textile research program)UV、網狀透氣、單車、登山、路跑、馬拉松、高爾夫、球類等運動適用


U.CR+ PP arm 05透氣無縫機能袖套 - ARM 05

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