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U.CR+ ST1 - ice cafe compression sportswear short sleeve

Compression sportswear ice cafe st1 restore physical strength quickly.
Compression sportswear effectively promote the body mechanism, rapid circulation, recovery of sports combat physical fitness environmentally friendly chilled coffee gauze and ice jade uv 50+ , ice cafe yarn rate slow sunlight heating ,for indoor exercise is cold feeling , effective suppression of odor moisture and quick drying the muscles of the calf can be effectively pressurized to increase exercise efficiency. 
2012 master's thesis long-term wear can change in body fat displacement. 
Significantly reduce the waist/hip /leg circumference size.
Seamless technology and flat stitching comfort for skin . 
3d knitting by many beans bump ( u.Cr+ patent ) full tight each muscle locations can achieve progressive compression pants . 
Yoga / jogging / biking / archery / walkingitem : 
Ice café hornet compression base layer - s/s


Black / White / Yellow / Pink / Navy




34% S.Café
34% Ice-touch yarn
22% Nylon
10% Spandex

U.CR+ ST1 - ice cafe compression sportswear short sleeve

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