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With a thin, wide plate, the cap has a mechanism to suppress pressure on sensitive parts of the head to achieve relaxation.


It's like a masseuse helps you relax your body and mind, and makes you more relaxed while running.


The sports turban also retains a breathable mesh for optimal air convection and heat dissipation.


A special air convection weaving method, using our company's patented uneven tofu paper towel surface to apply an unconventional flat fabric to the entire skin,

The grooves are pressurized, and the protrusions maintain air convection. This design is expandable, easy to move, shake and shrink, and the closed part is easy to put on and take off.

It is also different from a normal headscarf, which drops and slides after wearing it.








【U.CR+ Compression】頭巾小帽 抗UV 防曬 吸濕排汗

  • —65%ICE CAFE(Nylon)



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