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[Happy bird] rose mid-rise lace panties]

● Four color settings (light blue / pink purple / black / skin tone orange)

Size: M / L ,XL / XXL (please refer to the size chart)


● 280 dianel

● Not easy to deform after pulling

● No bite marks after wearing

● Deodorization rate up to 96%

● Seamless machine imported from Italy

One-piece weaving

Skin-friendly lace

Extremely soft touch


【Jolly Bird 】玫瑰中腰蕾絲三角褲 

● 四種顏色一組 (淺藍/粉紫/黑/膚桔)

尺寸:M/L 加大款XL/XXL  (請參考尺寸圖)

280單 超優彈性 

● 拉扯後不易變形

● 穿著後不咬痕

 ● 除臭高達96%

● 義大利進口無縫機台

一體成型織造 穿著貼身不緊繃


極柔觸感 彈性絕佳翹臀線條-臀部完整包覆


【Jolly Bird 】美肌蕾絲中腰褲 膠原蛋白 魚鱗回收

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