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Natural far infrared effect of bamboo charcoal yarn

Bamboo charcoal is made by carbonizing bamboo, and bamboos that have been grown for more than four years are selected. After the carbonization process above 800 ° C, the raw materials are made into bamboo charcoal, and then the bamboo charcoal is made into bamboo charcoal yarn through a special process. This is not only a new way of using bamboo charcoal, but also the way of using bamboo charcoal to make it more environmentally friendly. Bamboo charcoal yarn can be said to be one of the most environmentally friendly functional fibers. In addition to its characteristics of reducing pollution residues, its excellent porous hole absorption characteristics are also attracting attention.
The most famous of bamboo charcoal fiber is its porous structure, which can quickly absorb various impurities generated in the body and the odor in the air, and store it in bamboo charcoal fiber. And when the humidity in the air is too high, the bamboo charcoal fiber can automatically absorb the humidity in the air, so that the body will not feel wet and sticky due to the high humidity; and when the humidity is too low, the bamboo charcoal fiber can also hide the porous structure. Moisture is released to keep the skin from getting too dry. Bamboo charcoal fiber not only absorbs odors, but also regulates the humidity in the air to maintain continuous comfort during exercise.

Recycling coffee grounds produced by you who love to drink coffee becomes an amazing functional fabric. This technology originally came from Taiwan! Function Why this small coffee ground can provide such a function? Baking is the answer. When roasting, green coffee beans swell, which means that the space inside the coffee beans has become larger, and these spaces are the key factor for the function. After brewing, some material is taken away by hot water, and the holes are maximized by patented technology to create the function of S.Café®.

Coffee yarn drink & wear it

Is an excellent fabric suitable for versatile sports. It keeps the wearer warm, dry, and comfortable. These properties make it suitable for the inner layer of multifunctional sportswear in contact with the skin. Oeko-Tex 100 environmental certification, its molecular structure is composed of the aggregation of carbon and hydrogen elements, can be naturally decomposed without causing pollution to the environment, and has obtained the "Oeko-Tex 100" environmental certification, passed the test of environmental safety and hazardous substances Is the most representative of environmentally friendly fiber. Clothing woven from DreamFel® does not cause skin allergies, and is widely used in hospitals and homes for the elderly in Europe and the United States.

Polypropylene (PP, polypropylene) dry & bright

The properties of S.Café® ICE-CAFE fiber are combined with the latest cooling technology. Continue to absorb excess heat from the body and expel it quickly. Coffee yarn made from recycled coffee grounds, recycled bottles and cool ore powder-Ice-Cafe environmental technology ice coffee yarn. This product is made from recycled raw materials. It is quick-drying, cool, odor control, and anti-ultraviolet. The cold feeling of wearing this product can increase the indoor air conditioner by 1 ~ 2 ℃, saving 5 ~ 6% electricity bills It is equivalent to reducing the carbon emission of 0.62kg per person per hour, and it also reduces the carbon emission by 80% compared with the ordinary raw yarn.

Coffee ice cool yarn texture

"Anion Fiber" wears the "air vitamin" of the forest. Why do you feel particularly comfortable and refreshing when you go to the waterfall or forest? Because a lot of negative ions are generated in these places, water particles and rocks generate static electricity, which causes the water vapor in the air to be rich in negative ions; while the leaves of plants release water and fentosine, they also release electrons, so the forest There are a lot of negative ions in it, and we will feel refreshing and pleasant in an environment with many negative ions.

Anion light catalyst

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