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The compression sleeves by TENS help recover 壓力運動袖套幫助恢復


1.TENS 低周波電療為醫療器材,產品必須經相關認證及有登記醫療器材許可證才可販賣



4.本產品榮獲TST2018 優選獎






•Effect of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Cold, and a Combination Treatment on Pain, Decreased Range of Motion, and Strength Loss Associated with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness 2015

• AD. Anabolic steroid therapies for growth disorders. Hosp Pract (Off Ed) 1989 Nov 15;24(11):

• De Vries HA. Quantitative electromyographic investigation of the spasm theory of muscle pain. Am J Phys Med. 1966 Jun;45(3):119–134.


•Compression Garments and Exercise no Influence of Pressure Applied 2015

•Reduce power expenditure (Bringard et al., 2006b)

•Improve comfort (Ali et al., 2007).

•During post-exercise recovery, hypotheses concerning the role of compression focus mainly on the classic effects of the compression, namely improvement of venous return and accelerated removal of metabolic waste (Hirai et al., 2002),

•limitation of edema (Partsch et al., 2012),

•Increased arterial pulse blood flow (Mayrovitz et al., 2010),

The Characteristic of Compression sleeve by Tens

Conductive fibers replace gel bacteria and skin allergies, and new products are convenient for hygienic and durable materials.

Cleaning alcohol wipes can be repeated or used by multiple people. It can be machine washed for convenient use. Adhesive gel can be directly attached to the conductive yarn fasteners and can be used without any brand.

The special TENS can be buckled on the sleeve and used for the movement. The mercury battery can be used simultaneously during exercise and recovery period, regardless of the field. Silver wearable compression sleeve with ECG / EMG pretest and protest effect .

Old sports recover way 80 Minutes 1. Athletes Ice Pack 2 Massage 3 Tens 4 Wear pressure ( compression )sportswear to continue to recover , 20 minutes in each stage, total 80 minutes .

New compression sleeve with Tens

It can be started at the same time in four stages, and each treatment is recommended to achieve the same effect in 20 minutes. The compression sleeve is continuously worn to protect the muscles from cycling.


1.運動員冰敷 2按摩 3 電療 4穿壓力運動衣持續舒緩 ,每一階段20分鐘,四階段共計80分鐘。



Forward pressure

By seamless far away heart by high pressure power , near heart is lower pressure . for IRB report is help recover will best effect .

Textile weaving specially method

Seamless technology is JQ will be breathy and soft high spandex comfort skin cover with DOMS effect for recover .

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