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Comfortable compression wear 舒適壓力衣

文化大學紡織系   運動穿U.CR+ compression sportswear 明顯降溫

文化大學紡織系 院紅外線熱顯影 對照組

UCR+壓力衣服穿穿起來很舒適,有別於一般品牌穿後不適應感。文化大學李貴琪教授 /大葉大學產學合作,以純棉織物與無穿著為對照組,測試各別服裝之舒適度,經由紅外線熱影像儀分析、舒適度分析,穿上長短袖U.CR+壓力衣與棉織物和無穿著舒適度的差異。


U.CR + compression sportswear comfortable, different from the general brand after wearing a sense of discomfort. Culture University Dr. lee/ University of the University of Science and Technology cooperation to cotton fabric and no wear as U.CR+ compression sportswear control group, test the comfort of each clothing, through the infrared thermal imaging analysis, comfort analysis, long and short sleeves U.CR + compression sportswear and cotton fabric And no difference in wearing comfort. Large leaf university by the fifth analysis table SPSS, statistical analysis, are considered compression sportswear , there is a significant sense of comfort. (Analysis and argumentation)

不代表有任何醫療效果)2011/2012 完成於大葉碩士倫文,文化紡織工程系SBIR 。

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