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Compression sportswear PP Polypropylene U.CR + Human body sweat torso (TORSO) Thermal and wet comfort assessment report84.6% water will evaporate, evaporate within 12 minutes, warm body temperature can also cool down 1.6 degrees.General quick drying clothes are mostly in the cloth to evaporate. Because U.CR + is the idea of ​​sweating quickly derived, will not stick in the skin slowly evaporate. The following is the experimental processST2 PP sweat body surface temperature (ie skin temperature) and weight changes are continuously recorded. The three stages of this test are divided into adaptation, exercise and recovery.The sweat trunk has 54 individually controlled precision water valves, which are heated using a hot foil plate. The entire cylinder is distributed with 13 temperature sensors to measure and control the temperatureThermal resistance value Rct (Figure 1)In the first stage (warm-up) sweat the trunk surface temperature is maintained at 35 ° CTemperature difference / TST temperature change curve (Figure 2 & 3)In the second stage after sweating the temperature (medium strength) results, T10 temperature rise of 0.55 ℃ and T60 cooling to -1.67 ℃. Due to ventilation and heat conduction. A lot of sweating but a sense o